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Business Travel Solutions

mytm specializes in business tourism. Activities among the business sector, answering to all companies throughout Israel. Our firm specializes in tourism marketing and tourist sites such as Hotels and zimmers, conferences and seminars, restaurants and business dinners, special tours and much more. with mytm you will find unique activities and day trips with fascinating content such as agriculture, robotics and a glimps to the Israeli high-tech.

mytm Business tourism operates all over the country and offers VIP service for businessmen visiting Israel. mytm has more than 20 years of experience in the Israeli tourism industry with long lasting connections that gives our company a great advantage and enables us to offer our clients the best prices and aloows us to build and adapt diverse and unique programs. Please share your wishes, thoughts  and ideas with us and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Our customers enjoy personal attention, professional and unique programs and excellent prices. We offer solutions at the highest level of hotel rooms and accommodations, conference halls, business events, workshops, seminars and executive meetings, restaurants and business meals at all types of Kosher. We also would be happy to offer you VIP tours around the country with the most requested tour guides.

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Car Rental around the World - Auto Europe
Next time one of your employees needs to rent a car for a work trip or vacation,
we will be happy to assist you with our special attractive offers by Auto Europe which enables Israeli passengers to rent vehicles in thousands of car rental stations all over the world. With mytm you can enjoy professional services and competitive prices at the best car rental companies in the world, and all in Hebrew any time you need.

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